Microsoft says it won’t fix Windows 10 KB5034441’s 0x80070643 error

Three weeks ago, I reported citing sources that Microsoft has no plans to fix Windows 10 KB5034441 issues. As expected, Microsoft has now updated its support documents to clarify that it...

Microsoft removes the Copilot app from Windows Server after installing it accidentally

Windows Server edition PCs installed this Copilot app automatically after the Edge browser's 123.0.2420.65 update. Microsoft confirmed this accident and is now removing the Copilot app from Windows Server.
Microsoft finally tests more reliable Windows Search on Windows 10

Microsoft finally tests “more reliable” Windows Search on Windows 10

Windows 10 search is now better than ever and finding installed apps and settings won't be a trouble like it was before.

Windows 10 gets Windows 11’s feature to reduce monthly updates package size

Windows 10 is getting another feature from Windows 11, but it's not related to the Web or MSN this time. Microsoft is introducing smaller monthly cumulative updates for Windows 10. As...
Windows 10 KB50369797 update

Windows 10 KB5036979 pushes Microsoft account (direct download .msu)

The latest update for Windows 10 is now available to all users. However, the update will not download automatically and is optional. An important change in this update is that it encourages users to switch from local accounts to Microsoft accounts.
Windows 10 sign in to your Microsoft account pop-up

Windows 10’s new feature wants you to create a Microsoft account; ditch local accounts

If you're using a local account on your PC, you may receive a prompt to create a Microsoft account. This feature will be enabled by default in the May 2024 Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10. The update will be available to both the general public and IT admins on May 14.
Copilot automatically installs on Windows Server 2022

Microsoft says it accidentally added Copilot app to Windows Server 2022

Microsoft is forcibly installing Copilot on Windows machines, and Windows Server 2022 is the latest target. Previously, the Copilot app appeared in Windows Server 2025 builds and completely vanished after a few days.
Windows 10 KB5036892 update

Windows 10 KB5036892 out with desktop features (direct download links)

Windows 10 KB5036892 is now available for everyone, and it has some new features, such as Bing Spotlight integration on the desktop. This Patch Tuesday security update can be installed via...
Windows 10 KB5034441 issues after three month

Windows 10 KB5034441 0x80070643 not fixed even after three months

Users have reported that after three months of release, updates like Windows 10 KB5034441 have failed due to 0x80070643. This update is mandatory, as it is meant to patch recovery partition security issues on Windows 10. However, many users are unable to install it.
Windows 10 paid updates

Microsoft clarifies Windows 10 paid update for consumers will be revealed later

Windows 10 will no longer receive support after October 14, 2025. However, you can extend the support by paying an annual fee. Microsoft has provided details about the extended updates for Windows 10, which could cost up to $61 for enterprises.

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