WhatsApp for Windows 11 updated
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WhatsApp for Windows 11 (and Windows 10) keeps getting better, and a new update adds three visible changes: an adaptive interface, multi-window support like Telegram, and a new hamburger menu, which possiblity hints at upcoming Meta AI integration and other new features.

Let’s first talk about the new adaptive interface. For those unaware, WhatsApp interface was not really adaptive until the recent update on Windows. When attempting to resize the WhatsApp window to a more compact user interface (small window), the contacts list and chat were displayed together.

WhatsApp adaptive AI
WhatsApp adaptive AI | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

This made it difficult to read messages as the interface was shared by both the contacts list and chat. Meta is rolling out a new update that hides the contacts list inside the menu, and chat page now takes the full screen space.

As a result, you can now use WhatsApp on Windows 11 in a compact layout.

Multi-window support rolls out to WhatsApp on Windows

WhatsApp is also adding a new button that lets you open chat in a new window.

This is similar to Telegram’s open in a new window feature, and it allows you maintain multiple “chat” windows of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp pop-up chat
WhatsApp pop-up chat | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

Here’s the part where the integration gets interesting: When you click pop-up chat, it opens the selected chat in a new window without all other features. The pop-up window will only have your chat, and it has a more compact UI.

WhatsApp pop-up window

The third feature is a new hamburger menu, which shows your contact statuses and chats in WhatsApp.

All these features are rolling out to stable version.

WhatsApp new menu

Windows Latest understands that the menu could be used for AI features, such as shortcuts to Meta AI. At the same time, the new hamburger menu also reduces clutter, and lets you quickly access the  features like chats, statuses, settings and more.

As Windows Latest reported recently, WhatsApp is also testing “Meta AI” integration in the desktop app.

In our tests, we observed that Meta AI’s large language model shows up on Windows 11 only when you use the bot on your phone, and try to access it on desktop later.

It is not possible to initiate the chat directly from desktop, but this could change in a future release.

WhatsApp AI messages

As shown in the screenshot above, Meta is testing a native dialog for AI features, warning that your messages in Meta chat could be used to train the AI.

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