HONOLULU, HI and GARDENA, CA. JUNE 5, 2023 – Savor Brands® has partnered with ByFusion to help reprocess and repurpose packaging transparently via the Savor Brands® R+R® Program.

To kick off the Specialty Coffee Expo and Earth Month in April, the R+R® Program launched a new partnership with ByFusion, a company that uses their patented Micro Diversion Platform to transform plastic waste into an alternative building material called the ByBlock®.

“Pono, to do what is right in Hawaiian, is a foundational principle at the very heart of how we operate at Savor Brands. Coffee’s lifespan from bean to cup begins at agriculture, moves through processing, logistics, roasting, packaging, and retailing, until it is finally enjoyed by the consumer. Packaging only amounts to 3% of the carbon footprint generated by the coffee supply chain, and understanding the impact from a scientific standpoint helped craft our mission in doing what is best for the coffee supply chain as well as closing the loop on our packaging.” says Patrick Lau, CEO of Savor Brands®.

“We are excited to introduce ByFusion to the Specialty Coffee community. Their incredible technology makes it possible to responsibly protect the carbon footprint generated from the coffee supply chain by keeping coffee fresh and close the loop on plastic high-barrier packaging.”, says Lau.

“…I’m so excited to be here in Portland at the Coffee Expo with our new partner Savor Brands®,” says Heidi Kujawa, CEO, and founder of ByFusion, “demonstrating how we are working together to take non-recyclable plastic waste, such as coffee bags, and turn it into ByBlock®.”

The R+R® Program helps roasters and cafes who are invested in protecting their coffee’s journey through the supply chain by preserving the freshness of their products through the lens of sustainability. With an emphasis on education, the R+R® Program focuses on empowering roasters and cafes to educate their local communities on coffee and sustainability by providing a measurable and traceable zero-waste solution for their plastic high-barrier packaging.

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ByBlock® is a zero-waste construction grade material made entirely from repurposed, un-recyclable plastic waste. Using steam and compression to fuse plastic together, ByFusion is able to divert plastic waste from our landfills.

This partnership will allow the R+R® Program to continue providing a one-of-a-kind solution to manage the footprint generated by coffee and packaging. The program includes educational modules and a certification process for enrolled partners, implementation and support of Sustainability Lead Zoe Moriwaki, as well as a transparent journey from bag to ByBlock®.

This new partnership supports:
• Offering a transparent journey of packaging to ByBlock® with the R+R® Program.
• Educating and raising awareness on plastic waste and recycling programs in US municipalities.
• Empowering packaging partners to help protect the integrity of the coffee supply chain.

How the program works:
• The R+R® box(es) is(are) sent to each requesting partners’ location, where they are encouraged to start conversations with their local community on sustainability.
• Community members of participating roasteries/cafes are encouraged to bring back their plastic, high-barrier packaging to be disposed into the R+R® box.
• Once the R+R® box is at maximum capacity, our packaging partner can then request via Savor Brands®, a complimentary FedEx pickup to send the full boxes to our warehouse in Carson, CA, where we will be able to palletize and send in bulk to ByFusion for processing.

Together, we can help build a sustainable world we want to live in.

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R+R® Program:
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Savor Brands®:
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About R+R® Program:
The R+R® Program was created to align with Savor Brands’ approach to packaging, which is to use the best barriers available to protect the freshness of coffee and safeguard its journey through the coffee supply chain. An imprint is created at every level of the coffee supply chain; the farm where it is grown and processed, the logistics required to reach the intended destination, roasting and packaging, distribution, and finally at the point where it is brewed, whether at home or in the café. With the R+R® Program, farmers and roasters can use the best plastic, paper free high-barrier flexible packaging available without having it go to the landfill. The program received a Best New Product Award in 2021 from the Specialty Coffee Association.

About ByFusion:
ByFusion is reshaping the future with their patented Micro Diversion Platform to convert plastic waste into high-performing, advanced building material called the ByBlock®. It is the first construction grade building material made entirely from repurposed, often un-recyclable plastic waste. ByBlock® was recognized by Fast Company as the Best Brick of 2022.

About Savor Brands®:
Established in 2002, Savor Brands is an emissary of experiences. Inspired by our partners, designers, and the retail consumer, we push the limits in everything we do to help those we work with represent their brand the way they want to in the marketplace. We print attention commanding packaging and provide sustainable solutions that close the loop on products we create. Our in-house technology bridges the digital and physical world, empowering producers, roasters, and retail cafes to share origin and how-to-brew stories, as well as mesmerize consumers with unique retail experiences. The Savor Brands way is about helping those we work with find success, because ultimately, their success is our success.

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