While those of us in North America are riding out what feels like an extended winter, those lucky enough to be in New Zealand and Australia are living it up in the sun—perhaps sitting right there on some gorgeous beach, thinking that life ain’t nothin’ more than an icy cold can of cold brew! A tinny of chilly, if you will.

After making a splash with a first run in December, pan-antipodean coffee brand Coffee Supreme—invented in New Zealand but embraced by Australians, not unlike the pavlova or flat white—are launching a tasty year-round ready-to-drink version of canned cold brew. We spoke with Ash Pearce and the team at Coffee Supreme to learn more.

coffee supreme pour

When did Coffee Supreme debut canned cold brew?

We released our first run in December last year. It sold out quicker than we anticipated. After a brief hiatus, it’s back and here to stay.

What kind of coffee is in it?

Ethiopia Lalesa, cold-brewed using triple filtered water. We’re big fans of this lush, easy-drinking coffee. It’s full of complex notes of apricot and black tea, balanced by a smooth body and crisp finish. It’s light, it’s juicy, it’s delicious.

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How long did it take to perfect the recipe?

About two months and many attempts in smaller batches. We changed the coffee and the roast style a few times before we struck gold.

Where is it available?

At our Coffee Supreme Abbotsford and Brookvale cafes, as well as on our Australian online store. You also might spot it in cafe fridges of Coffee Supreme stockists across the nation.

coffee supreme can

How much is it?

You can grab a can at one of our cafes for $6, or a four-pack online for $24.

Do you think canned coffee having a moment in NZ/Aus?

Yeah, absolutely. We kind of missed this obvious space for a few years and now we’re diving in. Once you taste amazing instant or canned iced coffee, the stigma that used to go with ready to drink products disappears — it’s easy to get excited about. We think, the more great roasters making amazing canned coffee the better.

Any special canned products lined up for the future?

We would like to grow our family of delicious coffees in cans. We love a milky coffee, too. We’ll look to have these available for our customers/people in New Zealand and Japan as well. Learn more at Coffee Supreme.

Thank you!

Ready To Drink is a feature series on Sprudge Media Network. Got a canned coffee or otherwise “Ready To Drink” product you’d like to see featured? Get in touch! 

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