Five Senses has been roasting coffee in Australia for over 20 years—that’s a long time for anything, but in the specialty coffee world it is truly epic. But sometimes classic brands need a refresh. We caught up with Five Senses’ marketing director Ashley Brian to learn more about their colorful refresh and new eco-friendly packaging. “Our sticker designs have really taken a journey of their own over recent years to become something of a piece of art,” says Brian. “Plus we’ve also finally made the move to recyclable bags.”

Brian isn’t kidding when describing their labels as a work of art. Teaming up with design agency Juicebox, the pair create an artistic impression of each coffee’s unique sensory experiences in vivid color. We spoke with Brian and the Five Senses team to learn more.

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Coffee Design is a feature series on Sprudge presented by TricorBraun Flex.

How is Five Senses doing here in 2023?

Five Senses is doing fantastic!!! In the past few weeks, we officially became B Corp certified, plus Carbon Neutral earlier in the year. Combining those massive achievements with our driving purpose is to impact people positively through specialty coffee, we feel 2023 has been a massive year for us.

five senses coffee sprudge design 4

When did the sticker-forward coffee package design debut?

Our coffee sticker designs debuted back in 2021, but moving to recyclable bags was something that started this year.

five senses coffee sprudge design 3

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Who designed the art?

Our sticker designs are created by our design agency: Juicebox. We provide 3D sensory graphics, and then they do their magic.

five senses coffee sprudge design 5

What coffee information do you share on the package?

Tasting notes

Where is the bag manufactured?


five senses coffee sprudge design 2

Tell us about the package’s recyclability!

Our bags are made entirely from a single plastic-type, making them disposable through soft-plastic recycling programs.

five senses coffee sprudge design 0

Where is it currently available?

We supply coffee to wholesale cafes all over Australia, and it’s available online for domestic customers through our website:

Thank you!

Photos courtesy Five Senses Coffee.

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Coffee Design is a feature series on Sprudge presented by TricorBraun Flex.

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